Food Protection

food protection

The Middletown Health Department licenses and inspects retail food establishments in Middletown such as restaurants, grocery stores, long-term care facilities, school cafeterias, food trucks, and food vendors at special events.

The mission of the Middletown Health Department's Food Protection Program is to prevent foodborne illness through the enforcement of the CT Public Health Code and providing food safety education to the public and food establishment operators.


Food Establishment License

Temporary Food Event Permit

Approved Certified Food Protection Manager Testing Organizations

List of Approved Organizations

List of Organizations approved to use remote proctoring of the exam

New Food Code in CT

2022 fda food code

The CT Department of Public Health recently adopted the 2022 FDA Food Code as the new state food safety code.  The new food code affects retail food establishments such as restaurants, delis, snack bars, school cafeterias, nursing home dietary facilities, food trucks, and food booths at temporary events.

The Middletown Health Department is committed to assisting food establishment owners, operators, managers, and employees with understanding changes to the CT food code.  


Middletown Health Department Food Code Presentation (PDF)

Recorded Webinar from 2-21-2023

Allergy Awareness Wording and Signage

Consumer Advisory Instructions

Template for Written Procedures for Responding to Vomit/Diarrhea Events (fillable PDF)


Have a question about the new food code?  Send us an email!

Itinerant Food Vendor Reciprocal License

Middletown has signed on to be a participating municipality in the statewide Itinerant Food Vendor Reciprocal Licensing Program!

If your vehicle is registered by the CT Department of Motor Vehicles in Middletown, you may be eligible to apply for a reciprocal license.

Please visit the CT Department of Public Health Itinerant Food Vendor Reciprocal Licensing website for more information,

Application for Itinerant Food Vendor Reciprocal License

Application (Fillable PDF)