What do I need to do when adding an addition such as a deck or pool to my home or property?

When you are beginning to look at putting an addition or deck on your home or a pool on your property, you need to first know what zone your property is located in and the corresponding setbacks that are associated with that zone. If you do not know the zone of your property you can find out by call 860-638-4840 or come view the zoning map at the Department of Planning, Conservation, and Development in the Municipal Building of Middletown.

Setback Requirements

Once you know your zoning view check Section 21 of the Zoning Code to find what the setback requirements are for your property. If you are unfamiliar with setbacks, this is the distance from your property line that you are not allow to put a structure.

When you have this information you can decide on the design and location of your addition, deck, or pool and plot this on a map (sample maps (PDF)). Fill out an application (PDF) and submit it with the correct fee. The Planning Division will contact you when it has been approved or needs further information.

Once you have your approval from the Planning division, you can go to the Building Department and request a building permit.

Helpful Resources

For more information, the follow resources can be helpful:

Committees & Commissions

Also the following Committees and Commissions that make decisions relating to certain planning issues:

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