Veterans' Affairs

As the Veterans' Service Contact Person for the City of Middletown, the director of the department performs the following:

  • Coordinates all matters concerning veterans and their dependents
  • Coordinates with public and private facilities concerned with veterans' reemployment, education, rehabilitation, and adjustment to peacetime living
  • Coordinates with all national, state, and local government and private agencies in securing services and benefits to which a veteran or his or her dependents may be entitled
  • Encourages and coordinates veterans' vocational training services, where applicable, and works with veterans' organizations as much as possible to carry out these prescribed state functions

Photo Courtesy of Middletown Press

Veteran Speaking at Podium at the Council of Veterans Middletown, CT

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Faith M. Jackson

City of Middletown Director of Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management and Veterans Contact representative 


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