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Application for Middletown Recycling Center Residential Permit

  1. This application is restricted to Middletown renters or property owners.*

    Please note this form is for residential use of the Middletown Recycling Center.  If you are hired to transport any type of waste material, you must complete the hauler registration and licensing forms to use the Recycling Center.  These can be found at: 

  2. First name Last name

  3. City: Middletown
  4. State: CT
  5. Select Type of Pass *
  6. Upload proof of residency.  This must include vehicle registration.  If the vehicle registration is not in Middletown,  proof of where the material is coming from must be included.  This could include drivers license, utility bill, or lease from Middletown property.

  7. Acceptance of Middletown Recycling Center Policies *
  8. In person pass 

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