The Middletown Sanitation District is excited to offer a curbside food scrap diversion option to all customers using cart service. The program allows these customers to easily separate food scraps and have them collected at the curb in the same cart used for trash collection. The City has received a $350,000 Sustainable Materials Management grant from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to develop and launch a food scrap -to-clean-energy program. The state is facing a solid waste disposal crisis, as traditional options for disposing of municipal solid waste are diminishing or becoming more expensive. With fewer and rapidly aging disposal options in Connecticut, residents, businesses and municipal leaders can expect disposal costs to increase at the remaining waste incineration facilities and out-of-state landfills. To address this problem, free trash and food waste bags and information are being delivered to Sanitation District customers this weekend! The one year Food Scrap to Clean Energy pilot program will begin Nov. 21, just in time to capture Thanksgiving discards. Participation in the program comes at no cost to residents. The funding covers the purchase of special color-coded bags for trash and for food scrap separation and the cost of educational materials — mailers, a website and a Connect mobile app — along with personnel to sort the bags and the shipment of food scraps to Quantum Biopower in Southington, where the food will be converted into clean electricity. Learn more at one of our Waste Reduction tables on Sunday, Nov. 13 or at the information session on Wed. Nov. 16, at the Free Center. To help with the separation, kitchen food scrap containers will be available to participants at no charge at the information session.
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