Happy America Recycles Day!

Thank you for making the effort to recycle right! It does make a difference. If you have questions, go to www.recyclect.com or download the RecycleCT Wizard app for answers right at your fingertips - or you can always ask me! I am happy to answer your questions and track down more detailed information if needed. We also provide a plethora of information on the city recycling webpage: https://www.middletownct.gov/190/Recycling.

As we head into the holiday season, please remember that recycling is important, but it is not the solution. Recycling still costs money, requires transportation and creates pollution (although a lot less than traditional trash disposal). Source reduction is a better way to manage waste and if you can reduce, reuse, or repair, that is always better than recycling! Some ideas/tips for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday:

1. Plan ahead and shop wisely. Double check your pantry and refrigerator before shopping and make a list. Stick to the list and try to make purchases with minimal packaging.
2. Use reusables - use reusable plates, cups, silverware and tablecloths and have your guests help with the clean up.
3. Don't use single use water bottles. Put a jug of water in the refrigerator or drink straight from the tap.
4. Eat, Share and Save Leftovers - Enjoy your leftovers but also share them with others and freeze any extras.
5. Compost! If you aren't already, separate out food scraps for composting or bring to one of our drop offs at the Recycling Center or the Emergency Management Garage at 675 Randolph Road. Turkey bones and carcasses welcome! We still have food scrap collection kits available!

Thanks for all your efforts! Have a Happy America Recycles Day & a Joyous Thanksgiving!

Kim O'Rourke
Middletown Recycling Coordinator

*Please don't respond to this email. It will not get to me. Email me at Recycling@MiddletownCT.Gov.

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