Dear Middletown Recyclers,

Thank you to everyone who came to our Repair Cafe and Swap Event last weekend. It was very successful and I loved the new set up with the waiting area outside. Special thanks to the Rockfall Foundation and RiverCog for partnering with the City to offer this unique event once again. We do have a few events left this year. Below is what's happening.

Paper Shred Event - Saturday, Oct. 23, from 9am - 11am, at the Palmer Field Parking Lot. This event is open to Middletown residents only. No businesses. We have a limit of 5 bags or boxes per vehicle. Please make an effort to only include sensitive documents such as pay stubs, bank statements, tax forms and the like. Please don't include junk mail, schools papers or candy wrappers. These items just take up space in the truck. We only have one truck on site for this event. Once it is full, the event must be closed down.

Drug Take Back Day on Oct. 23
Locations for Drug Take back can be found here:
Order Disposal Pouches here:

Candy Wrapper Recycling
The City Public Works Department and Recreation Department are both participating in the Rubicon Trick or Trash Candy Wrapper recycling program. There is a drop box for wrappers in the Public Works office in City Hall and the Recreation Department will have the box at their Candy Car Cruise event on Oct. 23. Only candy wrappers are acceptable in this program and please remember candy wrappers are NOT acceptable with the regular recycling.

Pumpkin Smash Event - Nov. 6, Veterans Park, 12:00 - 3:00pm.
Don't throw your rotten pumpkin in the trash! Bring it to this event for some fun smashing, or you can drop it in one of our food waste drop offs at the Recycling Center and 675 Randolph Road. Pumpkins can also be food for wildlife or composted in your backyard. More information can be found here:

Swap Shack
The Middletown Swap Shack is almost ready a reopening. We are hoping to open it in time for America Recycles Day on Nov. 15. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Lastly, the recycling markets have rebounded and the City is again receiving revenue from recyclables. However, the markets will always go up and down. And each material is different. I know we think of recycling as a waste management function, but really it is a feedstock source for businesses. Businesses are using these items to make new products. It is important that the material is clean and free of contaminants. Please take a moment to review the recycling guidelines at or download the RecycleCt wizard app.

Thank you for all your efforts to recycle and compost and reduce your waste! It does make a difference!

Kim O'Rourke
Middletown Recycling Coordinator

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