Mattress Recycling

Free Recycling at the Recycling Center 

Mattresses and box springs can be brought to the Middletown Recycling Center (PDF) for disposal and recycling.   

Mattresses and box springs  that contain normal wear (no bed bugs, no mildew, not wet) can be placed in the Mattress Recycling Container for recycling.  There is no charge for this service.  Mattresses are recycled with the Mattress Recycling Council.   

Mattresses and box springs that contain bed bugs or are wet or mildewed must be wrapped in plastic and disposed as bulky waste for a charge.

Curbside Pick Up  - $36/unit

Mattresses and box springs can also be placed at the curb for $36/unit. A mattress and box spring are two separate units. Each unit must also be wrapped in a plastic bag for collection. Bags are available at Public Works in City Hall and are included with the $36 charge.    If you have other items to be picked up with the Bulk Waste Collection, the mattress charge is in addition to the $75/pick up charge.   

For more specific information on mattress and box spring  disposal contact DPW at 860-638-4850. 


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5 Ways to Properly Dispose of Your Old Mattress 

Even the best mattress isn’t designed to last forever.

Eventually, the bed that you love will start to suffer from dips and bumps that make it practically impossible to sleep on. When that happens, it’s time to look for a new mattress or suffer from a terrible night’s sleep. Unfortunately, while finding a new mattress is easy enough, figuring out how to get rid of your old one safely isn’t always as simple.

The last thing you want to do is be left with a huge mattress taking up space in your home because you don’t know how to get rid of it. Fortunately, we’ve got five ways that you can properly dispose of your old mattress without getting into any trouble. 

1.    Sell It - If your old mattress has only had a tiny amount of wear, but you’re getting rid of it because you’re upgrading or because you no longer need a guest bed, then selling it could be the best option. You may need to pay to have the mattress professionally cleaned before anyone will look twice at it when you list it on eBay. Usually, mattresses can be cleaned by companies that offer floor and carpet cleaning services. Find the right one, and you might be able to recoup a little bit of money that you can put towards your new mattress this way.

2.    Give it to A Friend - If your mattress has seen some better days, but it’s still in reasonably good condition, you could consider offering it to a friend that has fallen on some hard times. If your friend needs a mattress desperately and yours is still in good condition, then let them know that it’s there for them to take if they like. Most of the time, people will reject a second-hand mattress and work out their own bedding situation. However, you might find the occasional friend who is willing to take that old mattress off your hands.

3.    Donate it to Charity - Speaking of people who have fallen on hard times, if your friends don’t want to take your old mattress from you, there are places out there that will definitely have it instead. Many charities sell beds to make extra cash for their causes. Additionally, you could also look into organizations that create homeless shelters, as they’re always on the hunt for extra beddings and mattresses that they can use. Just make sure that it’s clean and in good condition. Gifts of Love is a company in Connecticut that may consider taking your mattress.

4.    Get it Recycled - If your bed isn’t in good enough condition to be passed on to anyone else, then the best thing you can do for the environment is to have it recycled. The Middletown Recycling Center does recycle mattresses with normal wear (no bed bugs, no mildew).   If you don't live in Middletown, check with your town's recycling center to find out what their policies are regarding mattresses. Connecticut has a program called “Bye Bye Mattress” which accepts mattresses to recycling centers at no extra charge.

5.    Have it Taken for Disposal - Finally, if there are no other options available, then you can always pay for a professional to remove your mattress for you and have it disposed of responsibly. You might even find that the company you’re buying your new mattress from is willing to do this in exchange for a small fee. Just be sure that whoever you pay to take your mattress away knows the local rules and regulations when it comes to getting rid of big furniture items like a mattress. Most removal companies will attempt to give your mattress away to a charity or recycle it before they take it to a landfill. 

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 Prepared by: Emma Carter,