South End Commercial District

This sub-district consists of the area which underwent redevelopment in the 1960-1970's. 

The sub-district is characterized by a number of historic buildings, some of which were displaced from their original site to their present site during the redevelopment process. 

There is a perceivable change in the fabric as the continuous street facade and compact development of the older downtown core gives way to a more open development with parking plazas and gree areas. This area is comprised of the finance, insurance, real estate and legal sector of the downtown. Middlesex Mutual Insurance company, one of the major employers in the City, is located in this sub-district. 

One of the outcomes of the redevelopment plan was Metro Square, a shopping plaza. The location of Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins on the east site of Main Street attracts a number of people, especially the elderly, during the daytime. Sbona Towers, elderly housing and Rivers Edge luxury condominiums represent the residential component of the district. 

The southern end of this sub-district consists primarily of offices, The Middletown Press, Pelton's Drug Stores, the YMCA, the historic Armory and the South Green. 

To the south of the district is a predominance of medical offices and the Middlesex Hospital campus. This area which was redeveloped as "the new downtown" appears to be the area most susceptible to change. Large buildings which once housed major retail uses are now vacant and in all likelihood these buildings are too large to be filed by a single tenant. Change will come and it must be properly planned.

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