Specific Policies

  1. Encourage through the City’s Arts and Cultural Commission and the Park and Recreation Department more arts and cultural and recreational events in the downtown and on the riverfront. Adopt a policy ensuring a special event once a month from April to October
  2. Develop the armory, the deKoven Drive court property and the Capitol Theater for arts and cultural activities, performance space, recreational uses and other types of events to attract children, teenagers and adults during the evenings and on the weekend
  3. Link the river to downtown and organize special events, fairs and activities in downtown and on the riverfront
  4. Provide a centrally located plaza, designed specifically as a performance space which could house outdoor arts and cultural events and exhibitions and where city residents and downtown employees could congregate for special events
  5. Constantly and aggressively provide for the arts in Middletown
  6. Encourage the City’s Arts and Cultural Commission, Wesleyan University, Middlesex Community College, the Buttonwood Tree, Oddfellows and others to host events in the downtown
  7. Consider the development of an “Arts in Architecture” program and other programs promoting the establishment of permanent works of art in public spaces
  8. Involve all artists: visual artists, outdoor sculptures, landscape artists, dancers, musicians and actors in the activities of the downtown