City Ordinance

The Middletown Code of Ordinances, Chapter 26-10

"There shall be an advisory board known as the Design Review and Preservation Board, which shall consist of nine (9) members. Of the members appointed, three (3) shall serve until June 30, 1996; three (3) shall serve until June 30, 1997; and three shall serve until June 30, 1998.

Thereafter, appointments shall be for a term of three (3) years.

The Board shall include membership from the Greater Middletown Preservation Trust, the Middletown Special Services district or comparable agency, and the public at large.

Its membership should include expertise in architecture, planning, historic preservation and urban design. The Board shall create guidelines for; and, when requested, shall review designs for exterior rehabilitation or new construction in business zones, including signage; and advise the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Redevelopment Agency regarding their appropriateness.

The Board shall be the recipient and keeper of historic easements held by the City.

It shall further, provide a forum for, and advise the Economic Development Committee on the demolition of any structure in the historic districts, or any structure listed in Middletown's Historic Resources Inventory, the National or State Registers of Historic Places, or the Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites.

The Board shall also perform such duties as are required and permitted of a municipal preservation board by the General Statutes and shall make recommendations to the Mayor and Common Council concerning any issue related to the Preservation of architectural and historically significant artifacts, buildings and streetscapes."