ADA Paratransit Eligibility Criteria

Persons with disabilities are considered eligible to use paratransit services provided by the Middletown Transit District if they meet the following criteria:

  • Any individual with a disability who is unable, as a result of a physical or mental impairment (including a vision impairment), and without the assistance of another individual (except the operator of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device), to board, ride, or disembark from any vehicle on the system which is readily accessible to and usable to individuals with disabilities.
  • Any individual with disability who wishes to travel on an accessible fixed route in which the boarding or disembarking location which the individual would use is such that the lift cannot be deployed, the lift will be damaged if it is deployed, or temporary conditions at the stop, not under the control of Middletown Transit District preclude the safe use of the stop by all passengers.
  • Any individual with a disability using a common wheelchair and whose wheelchair cannot be accommodated on an existing fixed route vehicle because that vehicle's lift does not meet the standards of the ADA Accessibility Specifications for Transportation Vehicles Part 38, even if that vehicle is accessible to other individuals with disabilities and their mobility wheelchairs.
  • Any individual with a disability who has a specific impairment related condition which prevents such individual from traveling to a boarding location or from a disembarking location on a fixed route system. Architectural barriers not under the control of the Middletown Transit District and environmental barriers such as distance, terrain or weather, do not, standing alone, form a basis for eligibility. The interaction of such barriers with an individual's specific impairment related condition may form a basis for eligibility if the effect is to prevent the individual from traveling to a boarding location or from a disembarking location.

Important Notice

Please note that as part of the determination for eligibility, the individual must fill out the “State of Connecticut ADA Paratransit Application Form” and then go through an interview process with Middletown Transit. This interview process is the primary vehicle for gathering the information needed to make an eligibility determination. Any questions you may have regarding this application or the interview, please call 860-347-3313.