Income & Expense Reports

Connecticut General Statutes, Section 12-63c requires all owners of rental property to annually submit or make available to the Assessor not later than the first day of June, on a form provided by the Assessor, the best available information disclosing the actual rental and rental-related income and operating expenses applicable to such property. Any information related to the actual rental and rental-related income and operating expenses will remain confidential, shall not be a public record, and is not subject to the provisions of Connecticut General Statute 1-210 (Freedom of Information Act).

Residential Rental Property

Property used solely for residential purposes, containing not more than six dwelling units and in which the owner resides need only submit the report as “Owner-Occupied.” Residential rental properties which are not owner-occupied, or properties containing more than living six units must complete the report and submit it to the Assessor not later than the first day of June

Mixed Use, Commercial or Industrial Property

If a non-residential property is partially rented and/or partially owner-occupied this report must be filed. If the property is 100% owner-occupied, please write “100% Owner-Occupied” on form and return it to the Assessor’s Office. If you have any questions, please call the Assessor’s Office.

Extension to File

As per PA 09-196 Upon determination that there is good cause, the Assessor may grant an extension of not more than thirty days to file an Income and Expense report, if the owner of such property files a request for an extension with the Assessor not later than May first.  In the event May first falls on a weekend, extension requests must be received by the Assessor on or before the last business day in April.


Important! In accordance with Connecticut General Statute Section 12-63c (d), any owner of rental real property who fails to file this form by June 1st, or files an incomplete or false form with intent to defraud shall be subject to a penalty equal to a 10% increase in the assessed value of such property.


  • IE General Forms with cover (PDF): Report of Income and Expense for the calendar year 2022. Property is subject to 10% assessment penalty if not received by June 1, 2023.