Exemption Information

  1. Property Tax Exemption Program
  2. Tax Exemption for Blind Persons
  3. State Tax Credit Program for Elderly and/or Disabled Homeowners
  4. Local Elderly Tax Relief Program
  5. Retrofit Vehicles
  6. 100% Disabled

A property tax exemption is a reduction in an approved applicant’s real or motor vehicle property assessment that is administered by the Assessor of the town in which the applicant resides. Residency and property ownership must be established on or before the October 1 assessment date. Except where noted, proof of exemption eligibility must also be provided on or before the assessment date.

The monetary benefits realized by applicants approved for exemptions are dependent upon the local mill rate. (For example, a $3,000 property tax assessment exemption in a town having a mill rate of 31.8 equates to a monetary savings of $95.40)