Office of the Assessor


It is the Assessor’s responsibility to establish fair and equitable values for all real-estate, taxable personal property, and taxable motor vehicles located within the city. The assessment year begins October 1st and continues to September 30th of each year. All assessment work must be completed for the finalization of the Grand List on January 31st.

Additional Information

2022 Revaluation update - Property inspections are underway.

 Data collectors from Municipal Valuations Services, LLC (MuniVal) of Fairfield, CT (the revaluation company hired to assist the City with the revaluation) have begun property verifications. This means you will see company representatives knocking on taxpayer’s doors asking questions.

 The General Statutes of the State of Connecticut require municipalities perform revaluations no later than once every five years.  This includes a requirement that within a ten year cycle the municipality measure or verify the exterior dimensions of every building or structure.   Property owners should receive a post card about a week or so before data collectors visit their property. As part verification process data collectors will take exterior photos of each property and examine the interior of such building or structure in order to observe and record or verify the characteristics and conditions thereof, provided permission to enter such interior is granted by the property owner or an adult occupant.  To ensure that the property is inspected, the property owner will be asked to sign a data collection form to verify the inspection. The entire process takes approximately 15 minutes. If no one is present, the data collector will record exterior information only.

 Property verifications will take place throughout the spring and summer of 2022.  MuniVal follows all CDC guidelines as well as any State or Local policies in place regarding COVID-19.  All employees are equipped with and will be wearing face masks while inside a property and when speaking with taxpayers. All data collection staff will practice proper social distancing protocols when performing any on-site inspections. 

 All MuniVal employees will have a City badge and a company badge. They will also have magnets on their vehicles and the company logo on their attire. All vehicles are registered with the local authorities and the Assessor’s office. 

 Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation during this time. 

 Please visit their website or call Municipal Valuation Services at 203-292-5500 for any additional information or questions. The Assessor’s Office can be contacted at 860-638-4930.