History & Trading Patches

Police Department's Museum

The museum is located right off of the Police Department's lobby.

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History of the Middletown Police Patch

The shoulder patch of the Middletown Police Department was designed by Chief Eugene B. Rame (1972 to 1981) in the Fall of 1975. The design includes the American eagle, the National and State of Connecticut flags, and the seal of the City of Middletown surrounded by thirteen stars representing the original thirteen states of which Connecticut was one. The patch first came into use in time for the Nation's 1976 bicentennial year.

The City seal represents commerce, industry and agriculture, and includes railroading, and shipping on the Connecticut River upon which the City of Middletown is located. The artwork for the patch was rendered by Don Milardo in 1975.

Law Enforcement Officers interested in trading patches can email the Police Department.

Middletown Police Patch