Civilian Complaints

Civilian Complaints can be submitted anonymously.  Complainant information is helpful for investigative purposes but not required.

The Middletown Police Department’s (MPD) public image is determined by a professional response to allegations of misconduct against its employees. The establishment of procedures for the acceptance of complaints is crucial to demonstrate and protect MPD’s integrity. This Department shall accept, and fairly and impartially investigate, all complaints or allegations of misconduct to determine their validity. The Department shall timely impose any disciplinary or non-disciplinary corrective actions that may be warranted. 

All complaints against the MPD and/or employee conduct shall be accepted and documented regardless of whether the filed complaint is in writing, verbally in person, by mail, by telephone (or TDD), by facsimile or electronically, or anonymously.

Link to online Civilian complaint form:  click to submit complaint electronically