Project Green Lawn

Project Green Lawn is a City of Middletown public awareness campaign to encourage residents and businesses to maintain healthy lawns free of chemicals that are harmful to people, pets and the environment. Events and programs have been held to educate residents, lawn care service providers and city staff about the dangers of synthetic lawn care chemicals and how to proceed with organic lawn care. There are currently no events scheduled but you can review the Healthy Lawns for Healthy Community brochure (PDF) brochure or have a copy sent to you by emailing the City of Middletown Recycling Coordinator.

Spring Pesticide Alert

Please share this pesticide information (PDF) with your children. It is important for children and pets to stay off lawns when  signs are posted. 

Pesticide Notification

Residents can receive notification if their neighbors are having their property treated commercially with lawn care chemicals.   Information can be found here on this program.