Specialized Rescue Services

The Middletown Fire Department (MFD) operates with four Specialized Rescue Teams: 

  • Dive Rescue
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Marine Operations
  • Technical Rescue

Each team is staffed by MFD employees specially trained in these disciplines. From time-to-time, each team will be showcased on these pages.

Technical Rescue Team

The mission of the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) is to provide a coordinated effort to locate, extricate and provide medical treatment to victims of the communities we serve. Capabilities include:

  • Confined space rescue (removal and packaging of victims in a confined space)
  • High angle rope rescue (removal and packaging of victims from the side of a mountain cliff or high-rise building and also building a tension high line for removing victims from building to building or across a large ravine)
  • Low angle rope rescue (removal and packaging of victims down an embankment)
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Team members are able to enter a confined space up to 300 feet on a supplied air system and provide medical attention to victim; and vehicle and machinery rescue (extricating and packaging victims trapped in a motor vehicle or a machine, using specialized equipment).