Christopher Forte Speaks at Transgender Day of Visibility at State Capitol

Assistant General Counsel Christopher Forte was a featured speaker, along with the Lieutenant Governor, at a flag raising at the Connecticut State Capitol Building in honor of the Transgender Day of Visibility. Forte, who founded Middletown Pride, one of New England's largest Pride events, drew parallels to raising the transgender flag at the State Capitol and raising the Pride flag at City Hall. Forte said, "The power of visibility can be seen in the story of Middletown Pride. It started at an event like this one—a flag raising I coordinated with then-mayor Dan Drew for Pride Month in 2018 as a symbol to the city’s LGBTQ+ community that they belonged." Forte continued, "We raise the transgender flag at City Hall to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility and to honor Transgender Day of Remembrance." Forte remains a fierce LGBTQIA+ advocate at a time when such advocacy is critical, not just nationally but locally. Five bills targeting transgender rights are pending here alone.

You can hear Forte's speech here: