COVID-19 Business Resources and ARPA information

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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Information/Grants

The City of Middletown has received its portion of the federal funding given to municipalities to help deliver direct relief to Americans, to contain Covid-19, and rescue the economy.  

To help determine where these federal funds will be allocated, the City of Middletown's Common Council has created a ARPA committee to recommend where these federal dollars are spent to help Middletown recover from the impacts of Covid-19.


The committee consists of the following people:
Robyn Anderson
Cynthia Clegg
Diana Doyle
Kevin Elak
Carl Erlacher
Benjamin Florsheim
Moses Harvill
Christina Heckart
Eugene Nocera
Philip Pessina
Barbara Peterson
Joseph Samolis
Brianna Skowera
Pamela Steele

These federal funds can be spent on a number of things associated with the pandemic. The chart below is an example of what and how the funding can be utilized by the municipality.


APublic Health and Economic Impacts
1Responding to COVID-19
aCOVID-19 Mitigation and Prevention
bMedical Expenses
cBehavivoral Health
dPublic Health and Safety
eExpenses to Improve the Design and Execution of Health and Public Health Programs
2Responding to Negative Economic Impacts
aAssistance to Unemployed Workers
bAssistance to Households
cExpenses to Improve Efficacy of Economic Relief Programs
dSmall Business and Nonprofit
eRehiring State, Local, and Tribal Government Staff
fAid to Impacted Industries
gBuilding Stronger Communities
hAddressing Educational Disparities
iPromoting Healthy Childhood Environments
BPremium Pay
CRevenue Loss
DInvestments in Infrastructure
1Water and Sewer Infrastructure
2Broadband Infrastructure

Further information on qualifying expenditures for ARPA funds can be found at: U.S. Dept. of Treasury.

ARPA Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Program

Funding Priorities of the ARPA Task Force

The ARPA Task Force have identified investments in Infrastructure, and Public Health and Economic Impacts are key priorities, followed by Revenue Loss.

Of the available funding, approximately 50% of it is slated towards infrastructure investment.  30% towards Public Health and Economic Impact, and 20% towards Revenue Loss.

Access and Information on Funding Opportunities

The City of Middletown will be offering informational workshops on the uses of ARPA funding as well as the statutory requirements associated with the allocation of these funds.

A presentation on the ARPA funds can be found here: CCM Presentation on March 2, 2022

To access these funds, entities must apply using the prescribed application.  Once an application is received, the application will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility. Eligibility will be determined by ARPA federal guidance.  The application will then be forwarded by the ARPA committee for review and recommendation.

The review committee will evaluate each application using the following criteria:

  • Number of People Impacted
  • Urgency of the proposal
  • Readiness to Proceed
  • Budget/Funding
  • Project/Agency Feasibility

The final recommendation by the ARPA committee will be forwarded to the Common Council for a final determination.  If approved, the entity granted funding will need to comply with all, federal/state/local guidelines, failure to do so can jeopardize the awarded grant.

Application to Apply

Applications for ARPA Grants are no longer being accepted.