Sumner Brook Drainage Study

Public Works Director William Russo announced  that the City of Middletown has contracted with BL Companies of Meriden, CT to perform a comprehensive analysis of Sumner Brook and its tributaries, to analyze streamflow, culverts, flooding, and to make recommendations for long term improvements.


BL Companies will be commencing the field work for this study beginning in September of 2020 and continuing through the Fall of 2020.


Field personnel will be making measurements and surveying culverts, pipes, catch basins, outfalls, and stream channels.  These personnel will be clearly identified with high visibility clothing and name tags displaying the BL logo.


Periodically personnel may have to access private property to make measurements of the stream channel.  In these cases personnel will attempt to contact the residents in advance by knocking on doors to introduce themselves.  In some instances personnel may have to walk and survey the stream channel across several properties.


Residents are asked to cooperate with this important program, so as to enable the consultant to obtain the best, most accurate information about the stream and its condition.  The Middletown Police Department will be informed of the location of work.  As always, if there is a question/concern either call the Public Works Department at 860-638-4850 or the Police Department at 860-347-6941.


General questions about the program should be directed to:


Christopher M. Holden, PE

Deputy Director of Public Works

245 DeKoven Drive

Middletown, CT 06457