Walter C. Jones Fund

Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management


Walter C. Jones Fund

History, Qualifying, Applying, Types of Assistance, and Ordinance


Walter C. Jones was a banker and real estate man, who resided in and served Middletown for many years.   In 1946, he passed away resulting in his trust being passed to his sister.  When she died in 1966, the City of Middletown became the recipient of about 60% of the interest from his trust to be used to help “the poor of the city.”  In response to receiving the funds, the City of Middletown established a committee that manages the disbursements and use of the money.

The three-person Jones Fund Committee meets on a monthly basis to review applications for assistance.  Applications are required to be submitted to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management by the set closing date prior to the meeting.  The Director serves as staff person for the committee and has no voting power in approving or denying requests. The committee has the sole authority to fund or deny requests based on its examination of the applications.  The committee’s decision is final and cannot be changed.


The Jones Fund is a one-time assistance program. Applicants must have been a paying Middletown resident for at least a year, and a source of income is required to complete the application.  This income can be from employment, state assistance, unemployment, SSI, etc.


To apply, a person can contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management to have an application emailed or mailed to him or her.  Attendance is not required because decisions are based on review of the completed application and information provided by the applicant.

Types of assistance

The Walter C. Jones Fund is intended for people who have encountered a short-term hardship in their lives and, through no fault of their own, fallen behind on a utility bill or rent. The program is vastly different from social services or welfare. It is a once-in-a-lifetime assistance program, and the committee’s goal is to aid the applicant in moving forward after the short-term hardship.

In all cases, payments are made directly to the landlord or utility company. The Walter C. Jones Fund Committee does not fund scholarship or school expenses, automobile expenses, non-necessary utilities (phone, cable, etc.), medical bills, tax bills, water bills, or daycare expenses. The Jones Fund does not provide cash assistance.  Applicants may request one of the following types assistance:

· Back Rent- 1 month maximum

· Electric or Gas Bill- 50% maximum

· Security Deposit Agreement- This agreement is between the landlord and tenant. The tenant pays 10% of the rent in addition to the rent every month until the deposit is paid off.  This agreement allows the tenant to pay the security deposit in small increments, normally over a ten-month period, as opposed to coming up with one lump sum at the time of move-in. If the tenant vacates or is evicted before the balance is paid in entirety and the landlord can demonstrate that he or she  had been collecting the payments, the committee will agree to pay the remaining balance due.

City of Middletown Ordinance Chapter 14 – Boards, Committees, and Commissions Article II Walter C. Jones Fund Committee §14-7 – Establishment, Duties, and Membership 

A. That there shall be a committee known as "The Walter C. Jones Fund Committee" which shall be charged with the duty of administering the funds received by the City of Middletown under the provisions of the Last Will and Testament of Walter C. Jones, deceased. Said Committee shall be composed of three electors of the City, not more than two of whom shall be members of the same political party.

B. Said Committee shall have the sole authority in the administration of said fund, which is to be used solely for the care and support of the poor of the City of Middletown.