Water & Sewer Permits

Permits by Appointment Only

Water and Sewer permits are being issued by appointment only since City offices are closed to the public.  Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  An appointment for a permit can be scheduled by calling the Water and Sewer Department at 860-638-3516.  Prior to scheduling an appointment to obtain a permit, please submit the following information:

  • A copy of the current P-1 or P-7 plumber’s license. 
  • A copy of the plumber’s driver’s license.*
  • The address where the work is to be performed and the name of the owner.  
  • The type of work to be performed (Water service repair or connection, Sewer lateral repair or connection, etc.)

*A signed letter granting permission to sign the permit is required if the license holder is not signing.  A copy of the designated signer’s drivers’ license is required.  

All information should be submitted via email to Daniel.Pitsurenko@middletownct.gov prior to the scheduled permit appointment. 

The charge for Water and Sewer repairs is $100 which is payable via check made out to City of Middletown Water & Sewer Department.  If a new water or sewer connection is required all connection charges must be paid prior to pulling the permit.  Please contact the Water & Sewer Department at 860-638-3516 to determine the connection charge. 

You can download a copy of this permit check list:  Permit Checklist (PDF)