Recycling Presentations

Want to learn more about a recycling topic?   Checkout these recycling presentations! 


Home Composting Basics, Sept. 2021.  Middletown's Recycling Coordinator and UConn Master Composter, Kim O'Rourke, presented at the Blackstone Library in Sept. 2021.  This presentation gives an overview of how to get started composting at home.  

Slides of the Middletown presentation are available here(PDF).

More information on the Community Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale can be found here.  Community Sales are usually held in the spring and fall.  

Bike Path in Middletown Recycling: It’s A Walk in the Park - Learn about recycling and our local parks!  Each episode offers one helpful tip about recycling, waste reduction, reuse or composting and is filmed from one of the City’s beautiful parks or open spaces! 

Episode 1: "No to Plastic Bags" at Veteran’s Memorial Park, July 15, 2020 

Episode 2: "Picnic Waste Tips" at McCutcheon Park (Crystal Lake), July 22, 2020

Episode 3: "PPE at the River" at Harbor Park, July 29, 2020 

Episode 4: "Composting at City Hall". August 6, 2020 

Episode 5: "Ice Cream at Butternut Park", August 13, 2020 

Episode 6: "Textile Recycling at Long Hill Estates", August 24,2020

Episode 7: "Carton Recycling at Pat Kidney", September 4, 2020 

Episode 8: "Reduce Wasted Food at Union Park" (the South Green)", September 14, 2020 

Episode 9: "What so those Recycling Arrows Mean?" Mattabesett River Bike Trail, October 7, 2020 

Episode 10: "Pumpkin Recycling"  at Middletown Nature Gardens, October 31, 2020 

Episode 11: "Sustainable Gift Shopping" on Main Street, December 5, 2020

Middletown Recreation Recycles

The Middletown Recreation Department and the Middletown Recycling Coordinator have teamed up to create a series of recycling projects to teach people about recycling, reuse and waste reduction.  On the 15th of every month we will release a new project!   Can't get enough?  Find all our archived Recreation Recycles videos here.  

Recycling Center Tour 2022 Thumbnail

October 2022 - Learn what's happening at the Middletown Recycling Center.  Take a tour and see what's available!  

RR EPR ThumbnailAugust 2022 - Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) 101 -  In this episode we have a conversation with DEEP Environmental Analyst, Tom Metzner, to learn what EPR is and why it is important for the future of managing our waste equitably and sustainably.  More information on EPR can be found here. 

DIY Reusable Wipes Opens in new windowJune 2022 - DIY Reusable Baby Wipes and Cleaning Cloths -  Save money and the environment by learning how to make your own reusable wipes.  

Reusing and Recycling glass jars _ May 22  Opens in new windowMay 2022 - Recycling and Reusing Glass Jars - Did you know its better to return containers through the deposit system than in your curbside recycling?  In the right circumstances, glass can be recycled infinitely.   But due to the way it is collected and processed, that is not always possible.  Learn more about glass recycling in Middletown, ideas for reuse, and methods for removing labels from jars. 

Egg Carton Thumbnail Opens in new windowApril 2022 - Making Egg Carton Flowers - Here's a simple, fun craft to do with any age!  Turn paper egg cartons into a bouquet of beautiful flowers!  Also, learn which egg cartons are accepted with the recycling and which are not! 

backyard Composting thumbnailMarch 2022 - Compost in your Backyard - Learn the basics of composting in your backyard.  Its a great project to do with kids or just do on your own!  Composting reduces waste, is good for the environment, saves money. and helps plants grow!  

TShirtToteBagThumbnail Opens in new windowFebruary 2022 - Learn How to Make A Totebag T-Shirt -  Help reduce waste by reusing those old t-shirts. Learn how to make a tote bag out of an old t-shirt!  This is a fun and simple activity for camps, afterschool programs, scout groups, or to do on a rainy day at home.  Also, learn what the options are in Middletown of how to recycle old textiles such as clothing, stuffed animals, beddings, curtains, and more!  

Reboot Eco Thumbnail

January 2022 - Welcome to the Refill Store!   Learn about the new Zero Waste Refill store at 131 River Road in Middletown.  We will join the owner, Yasemin Ugurlu,  of Reboot Eco to learn about her new store and how it works. If you are trying to reduce plastic bottles cluttering your home and live more sustainability, this store is for you!  Find more information at and follow the store on facebook and instagram for shop updates, green tips and and what's happening in the world of sustainability. 

Recreation Recycles Holiday Wrap Thumbnail

December 2021 - Sustainable Holiday Wraps.  Did you know American's generate almost 25% more waste during the holiday season?   One way to control that waste is to give gifts with less (or no) packaging and creatively package those gifts with reusable wraps and without wrapping paper.  This video will give you some great ideas on how to easily, and simply, get this done or check out this informational flyer chock full of ideas! 

Beeswax Wraps Directions

November 2021 - Happy America Recycles Day!   Learn how to make your own Beeswax Wraps with this instructional video and written directions. (PDF)   Beeswax Wraps are a natural and healthy alternative to using plastic wrap to store food.  These can be purchased locally or made at home!  Make It At Home Kits are available at the Middletown Recreation Department while supplies last (they are going fast!).  

Recreation Recycles Pumpkins Thumbnail

October 2021 - Pumpkins!  Pumpkins are a resource!  Don't throw them away.  Get some tips and ideas on how to use and dispose your pumpkin in an environmentally friendly way and learn about why that is important.  Video is here.   And check out the great ideas listed on the Middletown Recreation's website.  

Recreation Recycles fall puzzle tree thumbnail

September 2021 - Fall Puzzle Tree Craft - Recycling craft for preschoolers using puzzle pieces and paper bags.  Instruction Sheet available here (PDF) or watch the video!  

Recreation Recycles Coffee Bag Beads

August 2021 - Coffee Bag Beads - Learn how to make beads out of coffee bags!   Are coffee bags recyclable?  Find out from our instruction sheet(PDF) or watch the video!  


July 2021 - DIY Natural Bug Repellent -   Learn how to make a natural, non toxic bug repellent.  Also get other ideas on how to keep the bugs away.  Watch the video  or find the instructions here (PDF). 

Paper Bag Tiara and Crown May 2021 - Paper Bag Tiaras and Crowns - Enjoy making a colorful tiara or crown out of a used paper bag.   This recycled craft is ideal for preschools and elementary age children.   Some adult preparation and supervision is required.  Watch the video or follow the instructions here.  


April 2021 - Safer and Healthier Cleaning -  Traditional cleaners can be dangerous to your health, animals and the environment.  Learn about the signal words and get some DIY recipes for a safer All Purpose Cleaner, Surface Scrub and Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  Watch the video or see the information sheet.  

Upcycled Pill Bottle Snowman Opens in new windowJanuary 2021 - Upcycled Pill Bottle Snowman - Create an adorable snowman out of a reused pill bottle. Watch the video or read the instructions here.  

birdfeedersFebruary 2021 - Recycled Bird Feeders - Learn how to make a few different simple bird feeders made out of recycled materials and get a few extra recycling tips in the process! Watch the video or read the instructions with additional links.  

Upcycled Cooler Bag Projects

March 2021 - Insulated Cooler Bag Crafts - Learn what you should do with insulated single-use packaging (recycle or trash?) and then get some ideas to turn your single-use cooler bag into a fun crafty project!  Presentation available here. 

Middletown Recycling Center  

Virtual Tour of the Middletown Recycling Center, November 2020

Virtual Tour of the Middletown Recycling Center, July 2021 

Talking Trash with Middletown’s Recycling Coordinator, Kim O’Rourke. Earth Day 2020, Virtually at the Middletown Senior Center.  

Recycle Right  - A short film to remind people what, and what not, to recycle during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thanks to Motion, Inc for donating their services!  April 2020