Lifelong Connections. Lifelong Confidence.

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Invest in Yourself

You’re investing a lot in your education: Why not invest some in yourself? With a clerkship in the Office of the General Counsel, we help you match theory to practice so that when you arrive in the “real world” you will be ready from day one.

Law students often overlook one of the most important parts of their legal education: Making connections as students that will help them succeed as lawyers. Clerking for us gives you practical legal experience and lifelong legal connections.

We offer both internships for experience and externships for class credit. Whether you are looking to fulfill a school requirement through an externship or simply to make contacts and learn practical legal skills through an internship, we can help.

Invest with Us

General Counsel Brig Smith is a nationally recognized municipal attorney and previously served as an Adjunct Professor of Complex Civil Litigation at Michigan State University College of Law. Formerly of the leading firm of Robinson & Cole, Deputy General Counsel Kori Termine Wisneski has served as an Adjunct Professor at UConn Law, teaching Lawyering Process. Assistant General Counsel Christopher Smedick has taught the courses "Comment, Like, Share: Freedom of Speech and the Right to Privacy in the Social Age" and "Patriots or Traitors: Constitutional Rights in a Post-9/11 Society."

How to Apply (in 5 Seconds)

Simply e-mail Shauna Jones at  We look forward to hearing from and working with you!