Events and Licensing 

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The following is intended as a source for individuals seeking to host an event in the City of Middletown or seeking to sell items at an event.  If you have any additional questions upon reviewing this guide, please do not hesitate to contact the Mayor’s Office at 860-638-4801.


Any person desiring to peddle or vend from place to place in the city must make an application for a license to the Chief of Police. Please see the list of requirements for an application and the associated fees in Ordinance § 218-4 and § 218-5. Exceptions are listed in § 218-3

Special Event Licensing

A special event license may be issued to persons engaged in the sale of various products at parades, sidewalk sales, fundraising events, and other special events. A special event is a sporting, cultural, business or other type of unique activity, occurring for a limited or fixed duration and presented to a live audience, that impacts the City of Middletown by involving the use of, or having impact on the public. A special event may be held on private property, so long as it has an impact on the public.

  • Special events must be recognized and approved by the Common Council. Before being approved by the Common Council, the event must go to the Public Works Facilities Commission.
  • Upon approval by the Common Council, applications for special events licenses must also be made to the Chief of Police and must follow the licensing procedure in Ordinance § 218-4


Individuals interested in hosting an event must do the following:

  • Get on the agenda of the Public Works Facilities Commission. Call Public Works at 860-638-4850.
  • Get on the agenda of the Public Safety Commission. Call the Police Department at 860-638-4000.
  • Contact the Risk Management Office, 860-638-4825 to ensure the event has appropriate insurance coverage, as required by Ordinance § 218-7.
  • Contact the Fire Marshall’s Office at 860-638-3211.
  • Contact the Health Department to get an application, a minimum of 30 days prior to the event, at 860-638-4960.
  • Individuals interested in renting a Middletown Park or Open Space must contact the Parks Division of Public Works at 860-638-4520.